Custom Tenders

Our in-depth knowledge of the industries most sought after tenders, allows us to suggest confidently the right tender based on your in-depth criteria. If you are located in another location during the build we will update you during all phases of the project.  We understand the importance of regular factory visits to ensure your projects stays on task and budget.  Having been involved with a large majority of tender manufacturers, we are well versed on the boundaries of where we can go with your creative ideas.  Whether your towing or stowing, contact us with any questions you might have about your next tender build.








When style, class and comfort come together, you must be talking about Hodgdon.  Having put out some of the most beautiful tenders in the world, it is of no wonder that Hodgon is getting the noteriety it so deservers.  Having worked with their staff on a few projects, I was enamored with their quality and professionalism. 










Know before your tow!  Yellowfin is not only an exceptional tender that meets needs across the board, but it also tows as if it wasn't even there.  Your recreational activities will never be the same as they are on a yellowfin, vessels from 17 to 54'.  The fit and finished has been deemed exceptional from some of the industries most respected captains and crew. 











As the leading manufacturer of luxury yacht tenders, innovation is apparent in every model of our comprehensive line of boats.
Our in-house engineers, equipped with the most advanced hardware and software applications, continue to introduce new models based on the needs of our direct clientele.
Leading the industry through innovation has always been paramount at Novurania.novurania-chase-florida.jpg